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  • Learn more about the errors that you're facing and the solution to fix them.

  • Improve the page score of your web pages by making them SEO-friendly.

  • Identify website issues and get them listed all at once.

  • Increase the overall health of your website by identifying and fixing technical errors in seconds.

best seo software

Web Crawler

Intelligent crawler tool you'll need to crawl your website. Find out what your visitors are doing on your site, understand what content is popular and why, identify issues, and resolve them.

web crawler
website architecture

Website Architecture

Inspect the material on your website. Make it organized and prioritized as per the search engine standards...

intelligent recrawling

Intelligent Recrawling

Gain real-time crawling data by using intelligent algorithms.



Get your website crawled and indexed by search engines in minutes while eliminating manual efforts.

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Keyword Rank Checker

Rank better and faster by using the ultimate keyword tool that will give you the competitive edge. This tool is easy to use and it can be used to find keywords for any website.

keyword rank checker
keyword search

Keyword Search

Searching keywords for the particular domain helps save time by selecting a domain from your past search history.

search by country

Search by Country

Get your keywords ranking by country! Search by country to compare keyword performance in different countries.

keyword groups

Keyword Groups

Arrange keywords according to the groups that users create based on the different URLs that want to segment.

search history and debug

Search History and Debug

Analyze keyword ranking history and use the debug tool to examine a specific page in Google SERPs.

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Backlink Checker

Get a comprehensive view of your backlink profile. Analyze the negative influence on your website's rankings to assess the possible harm.

backlink checker
domain search

Domain Search

Find the perfect domain to post your backlinks. Get to know the domains with the high PA and DA using NinjaSEO's domain search option.

inlinks and outlinks

Inlinks and Outlinks

Find out which links are to your site and how they're performing.

backlinks comparison

Backlinks Comparison

Boost the page's or website's SEO ranking with the help of backlinks by comparing with 3 other competitors in area of your market.

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Contact Lists

Solution helps businesses like yours to grow and evolve, helping you stay ahead of the competition. Millions of businesses from small e-commence shops to major brands rely on us to help them reach their goals and create a better world for everyone.

contact lists
add lists

Add Lists

Create email lists with all the desired emails to use it in campaigns

add contacts

Add Contacts

Add emails to your lists from Links Bot and Backlinks.



Send marketing emails that get results. Send drip email campaigns, create a newsletter, and measure your impact.

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Links Bot

Get your intelligent bot in action to analyze page keywords and identify similar links to improve page scores. Find email addresses of key people in the company to expedite link building process with greater results.

links bot
find links

Find Links

Let the bot analyze all your keywords and find relevant links to improve backlinking and overall off-page SEO performance.

find emails

Find Emails

Discover key people and connect with them faster for exceptional link-building opportunities.

analyze keywords

Analyze Keywords

Keep track of all keywords and analyze them to carry out important off-page SEO functions and improve performance.

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XML Sitemap Generator

Generate XML-Sitemaps with just a few clicks, for your website or blog. The generator is integrated with search engine webmaster tools and can produce an instant submission of your site to the online platforms.

xml sitemap generator
online generation

Online Generation

Make your indexing process easy by using the quickest way of building a sitemap for your website where all your crawled links are listed out.

highly customizable

Highly Customizable

Make your content indexed into the search engines by building the sitemaps using the NinjaSEO tool

crawl depth settings

Crawl Depth Settings

Frequently do you want to update your crawler with the help of crawl depth settings and crawl the website with a customized frequency of time.

custom page type inclusion

Custom Page Type Inclusion

Generate XML sitemap files with custom page types. This plugin adds a new type of entry to the sitemap generator that can specify custom page types for inclusion in the XML file.

image and priority sitemaps

Image and Priority Sitemaps

Generate sitemap with a wide range of features. Insisting on exporting your sitemaps with different crawl depth settings will allow you to change the priority of the export in a simple, easy interface.

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Page Grader

Know the crucial SEO errors and optimize your website with on-page grader implementation. Grow your page ranking faster with the right keyword targeting.

page grader
page audit

Page Audit

Know the engaging rate of your website and inner pages through search engine reports and view complete insights about the page’s overall behavior.

severity check

Severity Check

From the data that’s affecting your website to the duplication of pages, conduct a full analysis and know the root cause behind the downfall of the website.

error fixation

Error Fixation

Fix the high-priority, medium, and small errors with the help of an on-page grader. Make a fully optimized & high-ranking page by being flawless.

chrome extension

Chrome Extension

Enable chrome extension to include On-Page grading service. that helps increasing page rank

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SEO Audit

Get to the bottom of every aspect of your website and analyze all issues at once. Make changes to your website to fix errors and improve overall performance.

seo audit
view site architecture

View Site Architecture

Generate crawl maps for your website and identify loopholes by seeing a bigger picture with site architecture.

identify duplication

Identify Duplication

Find duplicate pages and low-content pages on your website in seconds.

audit comparison

Audit Comparison

Compare any two audits with historical data comprising various important aspects such as broken links, page speed, AMP compatibility, and more.

test and status code

Test and Status Code

Get a list of all URLs by crawling it down to find weather the text is successful or not.

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SEO Chrome Extension

Analyzing a web page by producing an overview report on current web pages using SEO elements such as Ninja Score, Page Grade Factors, and crawling the existing domain.

seo chrome extension
ninja score

Ninja Score

Find the page scores for a given URL. The page scores are based on links, title tags, and more.

page grade factors

Page Grade Factors

Enable chrome extension to include On-Page grading service. that helps increase page rank

web audit report

Web Audit Report

Strong chrome extended, instantly generate audit reports for your website and detect gaps by seeing a bigger picture.

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SEO Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your top competitors with this tool helps you to identify your best SEO opportunities. Improve the visibility of your website and gain insights about competitor keyword coverage, domain authority, and page authority using NinjaSEO.

seo competitor analysis
competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Build innovative strategies around seasonality and share the voice by using industry and competitor online visibility.

keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis

Get a complete picture of a domain's keywords and traffic on both desktop and mobile. Examine keyword trends, traffic estimates, top-ranking changes, SERP features, and more.

paid listings analysis

Paid Listings Analysis

Investigate your competitors' referring domains and evaluate their backlink profile expansion. Using NinjaSEO's Paid Listings Analysis tool, look for domains referring to your competitors' websites for better listing websites.

backlink profile analysis

Backlink Profile Analysis

Get a clear picture of the possibilities you might be overlooking. Filter the results to determine which competitors have more backlinks than you.

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SEO Ranking

Increase seo ranking for your website. Analyze from keywords to SEO strategies and boost rankings to stand top on search engines.

seo ranking
keyword tracker

Keyword Tracker

Track and analyze all target keywords and ensure better keyword density by thorough check-in and page scores.

page rank

Page Rank

Improve page rankings by intelligently identifying core issues and getting detailed guidance to fix them.

backlink checker

Backlink Checker

Examine the external links you have following the competitor along with the anchor text by placing the URL into the backlink checker. Know end-to-end insights about the specific URL that would result in gaining high traffic through search engines.

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On Page SEO Analysis Tool

Examine your access logs to acquire a better understanding of how a search engine crawler interacts with your site. This will assist you in addressing structural and navigational difficulties as well as generating fresh ideas for bot activity management and crawl budget optimization.

on page seo analysis tool
seo analysis

SEO Analysis

Increase search traffic simply follows the recommendations in the website analysis report. It will draw attention to consider all of your web pages that meet the search engine standards.

seo checker

SEO Checker

Prioritize the optimizations needed based on the traffic impact on your website. Re-run the report after you've made the changes and check for perfection as per the reports.

seo audit report

SEO Audit Report

Including video demos and step-by-step instructions to perform the SEO audit and fix the identified issues with utmost simplicity.

site speed

Site Speed

Boost your conversion rates and your website rankings by improving the site's loading time.

Find out more about On Page SEO Analysis Tool

Broken Link Checker

Find broken links that your website has and format them perfectly through broken link checker. Enhance customer experience by making your website free from these broken links.

broken link checker
find and fix

Find and Fix

Make your website free from errors. Use the broken link tool to scan the inner pages or the complete website to fix broken links either by redirections or by adding content into it.

eliminate dead internal links

Eliminate Dead Internal Links

Remove internal or external links that have redirections to error pages. Mention 301 redirections for the dead links found on the website

set broken pages

Set Broken Pages

Use the "Set Broken Pages" extension to convert a set of broken links into a set of working links.

export data

Export Data

Export the list of URL errors in the CSV format and start analyzing broken links. Eliminate manual efforts for checking broken links with the help of the NinjaSEO tool.

Find out more about Broken Link Checker

Link Building and Backlink Analysis

Analyze keywords and identify relevant backlinks for your website to improve backlinking and get more visibility on search engines.

link building and backlink analysis
find links

Find Links

Find appropriate backlinks and create content accordingly to enhance website visibility.

find key people

Find Key People

Build long-term partnerships with key people by finding their email addresses and connecting with them.

increase performance

Increase Performance

Improve the overall performance of your website by analyzing links and identifying new ones.

Search Engine Optimization Tool

Optimized search engine rankings, keyword rankings for SERPs, and backlink analysis will help your Search Engine Optimization. Use this Search Engine Optimization tool to perform technical audits, generate keyword lists, diagnose on-page issues, and more.

search engine optimization tool
audit comparison

Audit Comparison

Marketing with words is a tool that helps you create better content for SEO. It's the only content marketing software that can assign tasks to each examined page.

site architecture optimization

Site Architecture Optimization

Get to know your customers and deliver the most relevant content in the places they expect it with the fewest possible clicks.

analyzing meta tags

Analyzing Meta Tags

With NinjaSEO's Search Engine Optimization Tool, users may eliminate any form of data duplication.

link suggestion

Link Suggestion

Analyze your competition and look for possibilities to develop links to improve your SEO.

domain overview

Domain Overview

Simply type a domain name into the search box to see how it performs in terms of organic and paid traffic, backlinks, and display ads.

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